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Mar 8, 2021

Today’s episode, the 92nd in the series, coincides with International Women’s Day. To mark the occasion we are joined by life-long civil rights activist Bernadette McAliskey and her daughter Deirdre McAliskey.

Bernadette discussed the work she is currently undertaking with the South Tyrone Empowerment Program (STEP), her tour of America in 1969, the new generation in Ireland, and the local and lesser-known women who put their bodies on the line during the war, yet given little space in official accounts of the struggle. Deirdre discussed seeing the events of the time through a child's eyes, the experience of visiting South Africa alongside her mother in 2011, and her current work at the National Children's Bureau. This is a unique conversation with Bernadette and Deirdre about community organising, béaloideas, women's work, solidarity, childhood experiences & childrearing. It is an episode about family, home, and learning to dig where you stand. We hope you enjoy it.