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May 10, 2017

Jack is the owner of the trendy street food company Rocketman. At the time of recording, was getting ready to complete the Paris Marathon, and spend 6 weeks travelling solo in India by motorcycle. I really enjoyed my chat with Jack, which includes business talk, food, success, and Cork city.

In this episode we discuss:
● The Success of RocketMan over the last 5 years
● The small business community in Cork city
● Success and the people who come to mind
● Jack’s Favourite things about Cork

Places in Cork that were mentioned include:
- Rocketman HQ
- East By the Rocketman
- Filter Espresso and Brew House
- Miazajki Cork
- The Triskal Arts Centre
- Cask Cocktail and Eats

Books and Podcasts that were mentioned
Bob Dylan: chronicles, Volume 1
An Irishman Abroad Podcast

Music on this podcast is by the band Kíla. You can check out the latest news from the Kíla crew on their Facebook page, and keep up to date with their latest tour dates on the official Kíla website. Check out both links below.