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Nov 15, 2018

A few weeks ago i went up to Belfast and recorded chats for the podcast with people that have given a huge commitment to community development and people that have a story that I would like people to hear about.

Today’s episode is a sit down chat with Séamus Mac Seáin, and it is a chat as Gaeilge. Séamus is a community leader, an Irish language activist and a revolutionary. I think he coined the motto "Ná habair é, déan é" (Don’t say it do it), that has become the philosophy of the Irish language movement in Belfast. Séamus has had a big impact on the course of my life and the lives of my brother, and  friends, on account of the work that he committed his life to.

Give it a go if you fancy putting your cúpla focal to the test. Here are  few links a follow up for some of the projects that Séamus has been involved in over the years. 

Bombay Street Burning:

Bunscoil Phobal Feirste

Cultúrlann Macadam Ó Fiach

Séamus's Book