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Jun 28, 2019

This week we look at the stories behind 2 ballads. Joe McDonnell, and The Ballad of Mairéad Farrell. Links below for full songs: 

Mairéad Farrell interview...

Jun 21, 2019

This week's episode comes from the kitchen of Lankum's Radie Peat. We talked about how Radie ended up as a professional musician, Lankum, Dublin, Pullin the Devil By the Tail, and the Sopranos, among other things. 

Jun 14, 2019

This week is another solo run where I discuss some of the basics of starting and running a small business using the last 6 years of ACLAÍ as an example. A nice listen for anyone in a craft business, startup business, or interested in how ACLAÍ developed over the last 6 years. 

Jun 7, 2019

A solo run with Ainle Ó Cairealláin that includes an update on the Palestine Community Gym, the impact of positive and negative social infrastructure, and deconstructing the 'fitness industry'.