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The Rebel Matters Podcast is a show hosted by Ainle Ó Cairealláin since 2017. Episodes feature artists, activist, and scallywags from all walks of life, and include informal chats with guests and occasional solo-runs by Ainle. New releases are usually out on every second Friday and the show is completely funded by our supporters on Patreon to whom we are extremely grateful. Here you will find the full back catalogue of episodes, links to some of the most common podcast platforms where the show is available, our blog, and more about who is behind the show. You can also find the link to our Patreon page should you wish to help keep the Rebel Matters Podcast on the road!

Oct 31, 2021

It has been 15 weeks since the last episode and this one is a short catchup with Ainle to get the ball rolling again. The chat veers towards ACLAÍ, one year anniversaries, music, and the plan for RMP in the upcoming weeks. There is a howling wind to be heard during this episode and a bit of whinging from Neansaí, the latest addition to the Rebel Matters household!