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Jul 6, 2017

On this episode of Rebel Matters, I sat down with the undisputed dreadlock queen of Cork City, Caroline Dausmann, who runs the Pink Octopus Dread Shop on Georges Key! My chat with Caroline went down the road of starting up a business, inspirational quotes, vintage Cork city, overcoming adversity, and the positive impact that an image change can have on your mentality. It was great to chat with a fellow startup gladiator, and we had plenty to chat about during the episode.

Useful Links from the Episode:
Pink Octopus Facebook

Pink Octopus Dreadlock Shop

Music on this podcast is by the band Kíla. You can check out the latest news from the Kíla crew on their Facebook page, and keep up to date with their latest tour dates on the official Kíla website. Check out both links below.